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Recent & Upcoming Events

November 17-18th
Ohio Dist. Sr.  Youth Gathering
Dublin, OH
January 16th
Woodcrest Christian School
Riverside, CA 

January 24th
Lincoln Lutheran High School
Lincoln, NE
January 25th
Concordia University
Seward, NE
January 25th
Deshler Lutheran School
Deshler, NE
February 11th
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
3 services
March 3rd
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
Men's Breakfast
August 11th
CenterPoint Church
Murrietta, CA
Chasing What Matters Conference
November 15th
LCMS Business Manager's Conference
San Diego, CA 




Trustguy Ministries Logo Description
"Take a careful look at the logo. In the middle of the word trust is "U" or "US" or if your name is "Russ" it kinda works well:). "U" are only mentioned once in the word, but Christ ("t") is there twice.  God calls us to trust Him, so he placed a cross at each end of the word.  I also like the fact that the cross is there at the beginning and at the end - much like our lives here on earth. "  Dr. Micah Parker 
Scroll past the pictures to get information on how to order your "trust" t-shirt today.

Team Trust at a natioinal youth gathering.

Stylish, yet affordable:)
An awesome group from Davenport IA shows off their new shirts.
Mother - Daughter Trust team!

Nothing says "I love you" more than wearing the same shirt:)

This is an "old school" trust shirt - possibly the only one left in existence.
T-shirt Colors:
Orange, gray, hot pink, yellow, army green,  red (husker red), and navy.  Not pictured: lime green, dark purple, dark grey, maroon, camo pink, camo green, denim blue, sapphire blue.
White shirts with colored logo: navy and hot pink. 
*For a fun group activity, order the white shirt, and tie-dye!  Email to ask about larger group discounts!  Don't forget to take a picture of your group in their "Trust" shirts and send to Dr. Parker's Trust Guy Ministries Facebook Page!  We love to see "Where in the World are the Trust Shirts!"
**We can do other colors if requested.**
Sizes: YXS, YS, YM, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
To order, go to contacts page, send us an email listing what you'd like, send us a check or call (951) 215-0044 with credit card information, and we'll mail you your shirts.
          $15 suggested donation per shirt,
          $4 shipping for first shirt, add $1
          for each additional shirt.
Crewneck sweatshirts and long sleeve t-shirts can be special-ordered.  Allow 3+ weeks for these to be delivered.  Suggested donation for sweatshirts ($30) & long sleeve tees ($20).
Go to Support The Ministry to see how we use $ raised from T-shirt sales.

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