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November 17-18th
Ohio Dist. Sr.  Youth Gathering
Dublin, OH
January 16th
Woodcrest Christian School
Riverside, CA 

January 24th
Lincoln Lutheran High School
Lincoln, NE
January 25th
Concordia University
Seward, NE
January 25th
Deshler Lutheran School
Deshler, NE
February 11th
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
3 services
March 3rd
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
Men's Breakfast
August 11th
CenterPoint Church
Murrietta, CA
Chasing What Matters Conference
November 15th
LCMS Business Manager's Conference
San Diego, CA 




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"Micah is as good as it gets! Nobody makes me laugh harder while keeping Christ at the center. You will not be disappointed to hear him!"
Leon Jameson, DCE - National Youth Gathering Emcee
 "Your talk had me laughing AND crying. It was worth the 4 hr trip to get there. Thanks for your witness!"
Janet Kliment, MN

Talks (Topics) and who should listen!!


  • How to truly Trust God: Understand the difference between praise trust and adversity trust. Provide practical ways to overcome adversity with Christ. You will never look at the word "trust" the same again! This talk is an emotional roller coaster. It involves a lot of audience participation, flying t-shirts, tears and lots of laughter. Get ready to push beyond your spiritual comfort zone and TRUST.  Based on Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 23, Romans 8:28, and 1 Peter 5:7. Great for service-oriented business, educator's conferences, schools, conventions, any church event - worship or Bible study - All ages/groups for this talk! Handout and discussion questions included. 45-60-90 min. length variations.
  • Mighty Warriors: Gideon and his great followers. Overcoming great odds is the emphasis. Dr. Parker will make you feel like you are actually with Gideon's men as they prepare to watch God fight for them. So many things in this life seem to be going against us and we can get overwhelmed with the huge odds we seemingly face. This talk empowers us to be a mighty warrior for Christ, despite being out-numbered. Based on Judges 6-7 and Joshua 24:15. Great for any group preparing for a challenge in business, as an educator or church worker. Good church/school fund raising message and graduations. All ages will enjoy this challenge to fight for their belief in Christ! Handout included.  45-60 min. length variations.
  • Servant Leadership: The difference between being an effective Christian vs. just being successful. The four easy steps presented in this talk will be easy for you to remember. Dr. Parker will "lead you home" and challenge you to "touch all the bases" in the game of life.  An emphasis on servanthood, following, and a personal relationship with Christ is shared through humorous and thought-provoking stories. Based on Luke 22:27, John 10:14 and Galatians 5:13-14. Perfect for Christian businesses, Churches, Conventions, graduations, and school assemblies - All ages/groups! 30-45 min length.
  • Being Chosen Changes Everything: This talk will explain what it means to be chosen in Christ and why our selection should change our direction in life. This talk was rated the #1 experience by adults and #3 overall experience by youth (for the whole week) at the 2007 National Youth Gathering. This is a law and gospel message based on 1 Tim 1:14-15.  All ages/all groups. 25-30 min. length.
  • Sexuality and Profanity: This is an abstinence talk on steroids! It focuses on HOW our culture tricks us into dangerous behaviors that are not God pleasing. Parents are encouraged to attend! You will laugh loud and hard as Dr. Parker exposes just how easily we all get tricked into sinful behavior. He explains the true meaning of love and "safe" sex in a way you haven't heard it before. The profanity portion defines what we are actually saying when we use profanity, and the personal examples provided by Dr. Parker will force your group to laugh at just how easily we get tricked into speech that is not God pleasing. He also explains the connection between our sexuality and profanity. A handout on "how far is too far" with additional questions is provided for parents to begin non-threatening discussions with their children. The "forgiveness finale" is powerful and will help everyone begin to truly accept forgiveness!! Based on Romans 3:23, 1 Cor. 6:19, and Romans 12:1-2. Appropriate for 7th grade up, schools, men's groups, youth gatherings. 2 x 45 minute, 1 x 60 or 75 min. length.
  •   Faith in the Field: How to Praise God in Athletics: This talk focuses on the similarities between being a Christian and being an athlete. It also points out how our society is using sport as a religion and how the Christian athlete and coach should truly glorify God through their sport. After spending 17 years as a successful college basketball coach, Dr. Parker stresses that participation in athletics does not build character, it reveals it. Both athletes and non-athletes will benefit from this message. Based on Colossians 3:23-24. Jr. High and above. Handout included. 30-60 min. length.
  • How did I get here?  This presentation focuses on Peter and the many times he had to ask that question.  There are times in our lives when God will remove you from a situation or allow a difficult time to remind us that He is in control.  This humerous talk will help "make your path straight" to Christ. Great for Christian businesses, teacher/administrative conferences and church settings. Based on Prov 3:5-6, Matt 26:31-45 & 69-75.  30-45 min. length.
  • Ephesians 2-3: This talk is more of a devotional type presentation. Dr. Parker breaks down the "meat and potatoes" of Christianity as explained by the Apostle Paul.  A handout takes each person through these two chapters with humorous examples that will help everyone remember why these chapters are so important to Christians. All ages/all groups! 30-45 min. length.
  • Hebrews 12:1-2: God calls us to "run the race" with endurance.  This talk gives the listener racing tips for life and coaches the listener through how our enemy will attempt to beat us.  You'll enjoy the humor and challenge at the end to join God's team in this race called life.  All ages/all groups. 30 min. length.
  • Trust in the Trinity:  How do you explain 3 in 1?  Based on Genesis 1:26, Isaiah 45:5, John 14:9, and Matthew 28:19. 30 min. length.
  • Goal Setting; Self-talk; Confidence and Concentration. These talks are short exercises taken from Dr. Parker's experience teaching Sport Psychology and Sport Sociology at the college level. Great for businesses, sports teams and coaching clinics. Additional topics are "The Armor of God" and "David vs. Goliath."
  • These presentations can fit any theme - all can be used to match a conference, church, or school theme or mission.

Sample Events

  • Youth Gatherings, Youth Jams, or Church youth groups. National, state, district, or local gatherings.
  • Christian Company Conventions or Seminars. Begin your company's next learning experience with motivation for employees' jobs and personal lives.
  • Teacher Conventions
  • Administrator's Conventions 
  • Christian High School Assemblies and Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • University/College Chapels
  • Christian College Events
  • Men's Retreats - Women's Retreats - Family Retreats
  • Sanctity of Life Conferences
  • Marriage Retreats
  • Adult Bible Study Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Family Night or General Worship Services
  • Athletic Banquets, FCA, Upward Banquets 
  • Christian High School or College Graduations
  • Confirmation Banquets
  • Church or Christian School Fund-Raising Events
  • Singles Events

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