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November 17-18th
Ohio Dist. Sr.  Youth Gathering
Dublin, OH
January 16th
Woodcrest Christian School
Riverside, CA 

January 24th
Lincoln Lutheran High School
Lincoln, NE
January 25th
Concordia University
Seward, NE
January 25th
Deshler Lutheran School
Deshler, NE
February 11th
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
3 services
March 3rd
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
Men's Breakfast
August 11th
CenterPoint Church
Murrietta, CA
Chasing What Matters Conference
November 15th
LCMS Business Manager's Conference
San Diego, CA 




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"Micah is as good as it gets! Nobody makes me laugh harder while keeping Christ at the center. You will not be disappointed to hear him!"
Leon Jameson, DCE - National Youth Gathering Emcee
 "Your talk had me laughing AND crying. It was worth the 4 hr trip to get there. Thanks for your witness!"
Janet Kliment, MN

More Testimonies

"You're funny dad."  Emma Grace Parker, age 10
"Hi Dah-Dah!"  Gracie Joy Parker, age 2
"It's hard to find a Christian speaker who can weave personal stories and scripture in a way that connects to all ages and even harder to find someone who does it well. He is as good as it gets! Nobody makes me laugh harder while keeping Christ at the center than Micah. You will not be disappointed!"
Leon Jameson, DCE, 2007 National Youth Gathering Mass Event Leader
"I would highly recommend Dr. Parker as a speaker for a small group or as a keynote speaker for an event our size (28,000). It was a pleasure to work with him. His message was 'dead-on' for our youth!
Mark Kiessling, 2007, 2010, 2013 National Youth Gathering Director
"Your style and message are in keeping with the high quality we expect from our industry convention speakers at national and international levels. God's continued blessings!"
Tom Kopatz, Managing Partner, St. Louis Region, Thrivent Financial
"Micah's message and presentation was awesome!! I went to the evening feeling bogged down by everyday trials of life. However, I left enlightened and with a new perspective. Micah has a true gift and a great message."
Mike Young, Fairbault MN
"Micah continues to breathe the fresh air of Jesus' Gospel as he speaks around the country. His stories draw people in to hear the solid truth of our loving Savior. He's a man after God's own heart and is unashamed to be so known."
Rev. Bill Yonker,  Immanual Lutheran, Dundee Ill.
"Micah's Trust talk is powerful because it is real and it is ultimately a story about God. It speaks to the reality of something all human beings wrestle with, can I trust God no matter what? If a pastor wants his people strengthened to trust their heavenly father, this talk is a wonderful means to that end."
Pastor Greg Finke, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Houston TX
"I was deeply moved by Micah's testimony. It was clear that God has used his captivating story and humble, delivery to inspire listeners to trust God more deeply"
Jeff Myers, PhD, President, Passing the Baton International
"Micah was able to reach a part of the human heart that I have seen few do. His personal faith and trust example is compelling. I intentionally wanted the whole congregation to hear what our young people heard at the National Youth Gathering. He truly did what he speaks passionately about: by the grace of God, he increased our TRUST in our loving Lord."
Pastor Jeff Schrank, Christ Church & School, Phoenix AZ
"The youth I serve are STILL talking about the message they heard in July 2007"
Jeffrey Meinz, Director of Youth Ministry, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, CO
"Micah has a wonderful gift of being able to combine a strong spiritual message with great humor and humility. He is inspirational and relates well topeople of all ages."
Donna Noonan, Vice President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coaches Ministry
"Micah is a man who has been to the edge only to be rescued by grace to share an amazing and powerful message - the message of the cross. He shares Christ passionately and our group respected his authenticity."
Rev. Christopher Navurskis, Pastor of Youth and Evangelism, St. Paul's, WI
"Your talk had me laughing and crying. You left me with a lot to think about. I felt your talk was worth the 4 hour drive to get there! Thank you for your witness in Christ!"
Janet Kliment, MN
"Micah engages the heart with laughter while also delivering a powerful, meaningful message. He shares Biblical truths that challenge and encourage every listener!!"
Beth Whorton, Women's Ministry Coordinator, Noland Road Baptist Chruch, MO
"I truly want to thank Dr. Parker for helping my family to prepare to talk to our children about sexuality and how Christians should handle difficult discussions. Micah is awesome with all ages. We hope to bring him back again."
Tony Barcell, Thrivent Financial Rep, Columbus NE
"My congregation kept talking about Micah's presentation months later. He was phenomenal!"
Pastor Ryan Matthias, Trinity Lutheran, Davenport IA, now Chaplain at CU-Seward
"Micah's presentations brought out every emotion you could possibly feel and ended with the most important one - with faith and trust in God, you can do great things."
Wally Streuter, Partner, Thrivent Financial, IL
"Dr. Parker provided just the right kick off for our conference. His energy, focus, and message were just what we were looking for."
Carol Olson, Manager of Lutheran Community Services, Thrivent Financial
"Dr. Parker is an engaging and thought provoking speaker.  He makes you laugh, cry, think, reflect, and thank God for His faithfulness in your own life!"
Rachel Klitzing, Executive Dir of School Ministries, Pacific Southwest District
"Personal! Humorous! Inspiring! Christ-Centered! Micah has a gift for connecting with all ages and encouraging them to grow in the Lord!"
Pat Fick, Director of Christian Education, Messiah, Boerne TX
"I have known Micah for over 6 years and have heard him speak many times when we did youth events with him. We've heard many speakers on the road and Micah is one of the BEST!  He's hilarous, witty, honest and passionate about sharing the love of Christ. He's real, on and off the stage."
Tyler Clements, member of the Christian Band "The Pool Boys"
"Of all the experiences I had at the 2007 LCMS National Youth Gathering, Dr. Parker's "trust" session stands out in my mind as being life-altering. He was comical, exciting, passionate, and moving.  I felt as though he was speaking directly to me. His humble words, down-to-earth accounts, and love for Christ will be with me forever."
Shanna Decker, National Speaker, Cancer Survivor, Plainview MN
"Dr. Parker has spoken to our 7-12 grade students twice. I've never seen our students so engaged with a speaker. Students were laughing and crying. It's tough to keep the attention of over 600 young people like that. He was outstanding!"
Devin Smith, Athletic Director, Rockford Lutheran, IL. Currently AD at CU-Seward
"What you see on stage from Micah is truly who he is. He is a great man of God who loves the Lord and has a passion and ability for sharing truth."
Brian Conklin, Omaha Metro FCA Director
"Dr. Parker kept people on the edge of their seats for over an hour, most of the time spent laughing. My congregation was moved by his honest  and Christ-centered message of faith and trust."
Pastor Paul Strahan, Des Moines Fellowship Church, IA
"I heard Micah at a teacher's conference. I've never seen 400 teachers actually pay attention. He was hands down the best speaker at our convention. Very dynamic!"
Al Dutcher, Assistant Principal, Chaska MN
"Those seeking a dynamic speaker can trust Micah to emphasize Christ, to engage his audience, and to provide personal and practical faith applications. His message was a tremendous blessing to the Lutheran educators of Iowa."
Pastor Bob Riggert, Iowa District West Executive for Education and Youth
"Micah has an incredible gift of story-telling which draws you in, then BAM! He hits you with solid biblical teaching that sticks with you for a long time."
Brady Gurganious, Baltimore Lutheran High School, MD 
"Our members were impacted gretly by Micah's messages, both in our morning services and his time with us in the afternoon. We would definitely have him back, sharing God's Word in powerful ways."
Pastor Tim Marshall, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, York NE
"I invite Dr. Parker to speak to our students regularly because they keep asking for him to come back. They appreciate his humor and are always moved by his messages."
Nick Bal, Director, Campus Fellowship, Drake University, IA
Inspiring and heartwarming. You reminded us of the importance of what happens in Lutheran schools. Your talk to our students revitalized our school! A substitute teacher came up to me a said, "I wish my kids could have heard that message!" Thank you!!
John Weber, Principal, Heartland Lutheran High School, Grand Island NE
"I have had the privilege of hearing Dr. Parker on more than one occasion, and each time the audience reaction is the same... he has his listeners involved, thinking, entertained and leaving his presentation with a better understanding of what it means to trust God. He can speak to all ages, and all ages enjoy listening!'
Mark Duitsman, Denver Lutheran HS, Teacher and Coach 
"Dr. Parker was the keynote at our annual Weekend of Champions where he spoke to 600 HS students. He did an outstanding job of connecting with the audience through gripping stories. We've had nothing but positive feedback from those who attended and will definately have Micah back for future events."
Chris Bubak, Nebraska FCA Director
"Micah tells stories that bring you on a journey right up to the doorstop of God's word. Sometimes we may not even realize we were headed there, but we were ready to stay and learn what God had to say for our lives."
Pastor Ben Squires, WI
"Dr. Parker's presentation made people laugh and cry, but more importantly they heard a powerful message of trust in God's plan for our lives. One person said, 'I really needed to hear this right now.'  I highly recommend Dr. Parker as a speaker for any occasion."
Pastor David Loeschen, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Denison IA
"Your presentation on 'Trust' was extremely well presented. You spoke in such a positive and encouraging way despite the sorrow you must relive each time you tell that story. Your humor, emotion, and faith challenged us. It translates a message of hope and inspiration to people who have experienced tragedy. We want to have you back again!"
Wes Oestreich, Sheridian Luthern Church, Lincoln NE
"Micah's presentation was compelling, poignant, humorous, and captivating. The men at our correctional facility were stirred by his powerful, heartfelt message."
Tony Mustazza, Chaplain, Minnesota Correctional Facility - Faribault
"Micah's trust in Jesus at a time in his life when things were going so bad shows me a path that I need to follow. If I had Micah's trust 25 years ago, I wouldn't be in prison today. What makes Micah a leader is his candor about his life. I pray that I can have his kind of trust in my life."
Inmate, Minnesota Correctional Facility - Faribault
"This is an opportunity you do not want to miss - if you are looking for an excellent presentation, a knowledgeable teacher and motivational speaker that God is using to change and redirect lives through the work of the Holy Spirit. His messages contain great sincerity and humor...we felt encouraged and motivated in our walk with Christ."
Dennis Underwood, Administrator, Bethany Lutheran Church, Overland Park KS
"Micah is an engaging speaker for young and old alike. He spoke several times within a few hours to elementary, middle, high school students & staff.  Each group loved him!"
Dick Ritzema, Principal, Unity Christian School, Ill
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