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November 17-18th
Ohio Dist. Sr.  Youth Gathering
Dublin, OH
January 16th
Woodcrest Christian School
Riverside, CA 

January 24th
Lincoln Lutheran High School
Lincoln, NE
January 25th
Concordia University
Seward, NE
January 25th
Deshler Lutheran School
Deshler, NE
February 11th
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
3 services
March 3rd
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
Men's Breakfast
August 11th
CenterPoint Church
Murrietta, CA
Chasing What Matters Conference
November 15th
LCMS Business Manager's Conference
San Diego, CA 




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"Micah is as good as it gets! Nobody makes me laugh harder while keeping Christ at the center. You will not be disappointed to hear him!"
Leon Jameson, DCE - National Youth Gathering Emcee
 "Your talk had me laughing AND crying. It was worth the 4 hr trip to get there. Thanks for your witness!"
Janet Kliment, MN

Dr. Parker's workshop on Trust.

View from cheap seats

28,000 heard Dr. Parker at this event in Florida!
Event in Nebraska
1,200 students from Faith Lutheran in Las Vegas heard Dr. Parker talk about Trust in Christ. He spoke about how our culture tricks us into behaviors that can harm us. He also ran a faculty in-service on being a mighty warrior.

Youth Event in New Orleans
Audience participation is required!
Students yell "praise God", hope to snag a t-shirt.

Kansas City Area Teacher's Conference including Dr. Parker's confirmation pastor, Pastor Shane, learn about TrusT and effective leadership.
Concordia University NE heard Micah's humerous, Biblical talk on how our culture tricks Christians.
This Christian High School's fundraiser doubled their previous year's donation after a challenging plea to support Christian education.
Some Christians won't raise their hands unless they're being held up at gunpoint, unlike this group in Wisconsin!
Dr. Parker's friend Shannon (2nd in 1st row), heard the TRUST talk and had to apply it soon after. Also, her Trust-Buddies from St. Louis.
Dr. Parker with ministry partner, Shanna Decker.  God is working through Shanna's ministry with cancer patients, see www.becauselovewins.com.

Micah might bust a move during a talk. People often beg him to stop before he hurts himself or others..
FCA Weekend of Champions in Nebraska
 trusting God in the midst of cancer
Two families who trusted God through cancer. 
Last chemo treatment!!
Members of a church in Davenport, IA enjoy Dr. Parker's talk during their Bible study hour.

Youth preparing to enter a Mass Event to hear why "being chosen changes everything"  
"Trust buddies" from FL. Laurie (hat) found out she had cancer this fall. Wearing their TRUST shirts on surgery day helped remind this group of friends Who's hands their sister was in! Laurie has been the definition of "adversity trust."

An awesome group - Janesville MN!

Former Drake Basketball Player Kelsey Keizer in Letna Park, in Prague, Czech Republic sporting her Trust T-shirt!

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