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Recent & Upcoming Events

November 17-18th
Ohio Dist. Sr.  Youth Gathering
Dublin, OH
January 16th
Woodcrest Christian School
Riverside, CA 

January 24th
Lincoln Lutheran High School
Lincoln, NE
January 25th
Concordia University
Seward, NE
January 25th
Deshler Lutheran School
Deshler, NE
February 11th
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
3 services
March 3rd
Hephatha Lutheran Church
Anaheim, CA
Men's Breakfast
August 11th
CenterPoint Church
Murrietta, CA
Chasing What Matters Conference
November 15th
LCMS Business Manager's Conference
San Diego, CA 




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"Micah is as good as it gets! Nobody makes me laugh harder while keeping Christ at the center. You will not be disappointed to hear him!"
Leon Jameson, DCE - National Youth Gathering Emcee
 "Your talk had me laughing AND crying. It was worth the 4 hr trip to get there. Thanks for your witness!"
Janet Kliment, MN

To schedule Dr. Parker for your event, please send us an email at micah@trustguyministries.com or call us directly at (951)215-0044. Please leave a message if you get our machine - we will get back to you quickly!!
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If you'd like to purchase a CD or would like to download Dr. Parker's TRUST talk, send us an email and we can arrange that for you also.

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